Know the interesting roles of hangers played in our daily life

Know the interesting roles of hangers played in our daily life

Hangers are the one which plays a predominant role in our daily life. People should know the uses of different hangers. Moreover, it helps us a lot in organizing our closet. Hangers listen to human minds and acts according to the human wish in arranging clothes. Every human being should know the importance of the hanger. Hangers are available all other country. It is being manufactured and sold in major cities like Tirupur, Karur and Coimbatore. Well, hangers available in all places are not good. People should analyze before buying hangers.

Know the interesting roles of hangers played in our daily life

The hangers must be made with high quality raw materials in order to hung heavy clothes like Sweaters, Coats and Jeans. These were the heavy clothes used by most of the people on daily basis. Once, you started using hangers you will definitely feel differ in your closet. Some people will spend a lot in buying costly dresses but still they will use crappy hangers. Investing money in hangers should be the top most priority. For instance, use flat, thin hangers for light weighted clothes.

Know the features of plastic hangers:

Plastic hangers are modern wonders. Their tubular shape and the construction makes them to appear as if they would not able to hold clothes. But actually they are very strong enough to hold all clothes based on the quality. The plastic hangers can be purchased everywhere, but have you think of making it in your home.

Plastic extrusion does the job:

Consequently, the plastic hangers manufacturing begins in a plastics processing plant. Multiple chemicals are combined to create different types of hangers. Some hangers will have high tensile strength, can withstand a lot of pressure, force or pull before they break. This is exactly the type of plastic used to create hangers. Next, the liquid plastic is forced through an extruder, which is actually a type of machine that creates a specific shape. It will be often tubular in nature. Other machines cut the extruded plastic into appropriate lengths, then the plastic strips are shaped quickly into the triangular form.

Know the interesting roles of hangers played in our daily life
Processing methods of plastic hangers:

Before the hot plastics are completely cooled. The hook portion of each hanger is formed from remaining extruded plastic at the top of each triangle. The plastic hangers are then cooled, and then trimmed to make smoother appearance. Another method of plastic extrusion is cutting the sheets of extruded plastic and then uses a die-cutter to cut the hangers. The hangers are then removed like cut sugar cookies from rolled dough, and the remaining plastics are recycled into many hangers. This method is used less often because of the amount of leftover plastic that needs to be disposed-off or recycled.

Do you know you Make Your Own Plastic Hangers?

Moreover, melting plastic requires some different equipment and that should help to heat the plastic to a certain temperature. It cannot be done in Home stoves. Additionally, melting plastic releases some toxic fumes. In a manufacturing plant, those fumes are disposed properly, in accordance with the EPA laws. Because you cannot remove those fumes safely from your home, you would be sending poisons into your home’s air supply.

Unfortunately, then there will be a problem in cutting the hangers in correct shape. It needs some special equipment’s for cutting. Even if you were able to pass by some of the initial hurdles, you still could not safely make plastic clothes hangers at home.

How wooden hangers are made?

Wooden hangers can make laundry a lot easier. If you hang the garment on a wooden hanger, it holds shape much better than it would with a wire hanger. Though you can purchase wooden hangers, you can custom make your own hangers to suit your clothes if you have some woodworking ability.

Using wire coat hanger, mark the ends on the butcher paper. Measure the distance. Using compass, draw a circle that is the same radius as the line. Take the measurement and mark the distance on the circle as a chord. It should have a slight arch. Place the compass 1-inch below the uppermost part of the arch and draw another arch directly below and connect at the side to the first. Purchase a sheet of wood that is 1-inch thick for making wooden hangers. Now, cut the shape you made it from the wood.

Methods of cutting:

Simultaneously, use a jigsaw tool to cut the design of the wood. Sand the piece smooth. Sand the upper edge slightly as it gets rounded. The bottom, front, and back should all be smooth. Use a router to round the edge. Make certain that you use a radius round over bit that is 3/8-inch and has a bearing tip. Make certain that the router is set slightly below the table level. Mark the half of upper edge of the hanger at the same time and flip it out to do the other side.

The entire upper part of the arch is rounded and down the side. The underside remains flat. Apply course grit sand paper to sand the edges. As it becomes smoother and smoother, use finer grit. You don’t want your clothes snagging. Stain the wood and allow it to dry for shaping it into hangers. Spray it or paint it with varnish. Let it dry and paint again. Attach a purchased screw hook to the top middle of the hanger.

Know the features of wooden hangers:

Designing and manufacturing custom wood clothes hangers for high-end, expensive men’s and women’s fashions is a terrific little business enterprise to set in motion. In fact, the oldest clothes hangers can destroy expensive clothes, so the based custom-made clothes hangers are specifically designed to fit one particular item of clothing is huge.

In addition, the coat hangers should be made from aromatic cedar wood and stainless steel for the curved hanger. Marketing the coat hangers should not be difficult, given there are thousands of retail clothing boutiques that specialize in high-end custom-made fashions.

Know the different ways of closet organizer:

Solid wood closet organizer:

Specifically, this is the closet organizer of my dreams .This organizer saves tons of space and offers multiple configurations making it ideal for all your closet needs. Where the light weight clothes occupies less space and the heavy weight clothes occupies more space.

Hanging purse organizer:

This purse organizer comes in different clothes and available in all places. It is perfect for storing purses in closets without shelf space. The purse will neat and clean when using hanging purse organizer.

Scarf rack:

Moreover, This scarf rack holds up to 12 scarves, it will help to organize scarfs easily. The scarf will last longer without fading.

Rotating hanging closet storage:

This hanging closet storage are available in wide variety of options at a low cost. With 16 shoe pockets and four large storage compartments you can easily organize clothing and shoes with this one item.


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