Eco-friendly Hanger Manufacturers in Tirupur

Eco-friendly Hanger manufacturers in Tirupur

Hangrover is one of the leading Eco friendly hanger manufacturers in Tirupur.  When we used to think about eco friendliness, hangrover automatically comes to our mind. Clothing hangers, coat hangers shaped like Human shoulder coat, jacket, sweater, shirt, blouse or dress with a lower strap, designed to facilitate hanging in a way that prevents wrinkles. Clamp is used for hanging trousers, skirts or kilts. Both types can be joined in the same hanger. There are three basic types of clothing hangers. The first is a wire hanger, which has a simple loop of wire, mostly steel, in the shape of a flat triangle that extends to the hook at the top. The second is a wooden hanger, which consists of a flat piece of wood cut in a sandy boomerang-like shape below the edges and usually a metal hook so as not to damage the fabric. Some wooden hangers have a round strip from tip to tip, forming a flat triangle. This strap is made to hang trousers related to the jacket. The third type and most commonly used in today’s world are plastic coat hangers, which largely mimic the shape of a wire or wooden hanger.

Plastic coat hangers are also made in small sizes to accommodate the shape of children’s clothing. Some hangers have clips below to suspend the skirt. Dedicated skirts and trouser hangers, using only rods with clips, will not be able to use the triangular shape. Other hangers have a few rings to hang the straps from the top two straps above the tank-tops. The exclusive pants hanger manufacturers in tirupur can accommodate several pairs of racks trousers. Foldable clothing hangers designed to be inserted through the collar area for ease of use and reduction of stretch are an old, yet potentially useful variation on traditional clothing hangers.

Benefits of eco friendly hangers

Space Saving Products: Yes, first of all, cloth drying ceilings are the right products to save space in Indian society. Drying under clothing usually requires plenty of space and sunlight to hang a traditional ceiling, as well as a full height above the normal level of human consumption. This causes a lot of changes in the houses, here is what our product does, it compresses multiple lines of threads into 6 rods. This means that now within a shift space, you can dry a multiple of 6 hangers in the same space. It reduces space and maximizes productivity which enhances the interior of your home.

Permanent Solutions: We have many electronic devices and products in our building for many uses. But these fabric drying roof mounted roof hangers are permanent solutions for use. It needs zero electricity, zero maintenance and hardly any services. Once installed in the interior of your home it lasts an average of 3 years depending on the style of use.

Flexible and easy to use: People of any age group can use this product easily. When mounted with the roof at certain altitude about 10-12 feet above the ground surface. Inside it is a strong and powerful pulley unified. This membrane helps to bring the drying rod down and pull it back upwards. With a simple push, the paddle rods down, and here the user can easily put on all his wet clothes and raise his back to the top with a paddle. It makes this product fully flexible and long lasting for use. We’ve also added some pictures that show how the pavilion works, refer to the pictures above.

Types of hangers

Eco friendly Wooden hangers:

Eco friendly Wooden hangers are tough enough to hold heavy weight clothes. Design for hang coats and jackets. Designer ones are also made from wooden hangers, changing colors and adding some extra features to enhance the look.

Wire hangers:

Wire hangers weigh less. It is made of thin metal cable and it is coated with plastic. Its lightweight feature enables it to hold light weight clothing. As the hanger manufacturers in karur is plastic coated, it does not cause any stains on the clothes. It is a simple fabric hanger.

Plastic hangers:

Plastic hangers are way more surprising, the material is strong enough to hold heavy weight clothes, but is not advised for prolonged use. It looks more surprising because there is no excuse with colors. The material is available in numerous colours and will therefore have hangers. Not just white and black hangers but fancy and designer hangers.

Clip hangers:

Clip hangers look a little different than the rest as they have clips and horizontally aligned structures. Clips play the role of holding clothes that cannot be hung; Say, for example, a skirt. Off-shoulder clothing can be hung using clip hangers.

Metal hangers:

Metal hangers are stronger than those wire and steel hangers. It can’t be glamorous to look at and not designers. Metal hangers serve a purpose but are not attractive.

Multi hangers:

Multi hangers are built with extra horizontal linings to hang them all in one hanger, say; Coats, stalls, pants, etc. Multi hangers cannot be called space saving hangers; Instead of hanging clothes on separate hangers and occupying more space, multi hangers are helpful to hang many people in one hanger.

Velvet hangers:

Velvet hangers or non-slip hangers are specially made for hanging simple slip velvet clothing. The silky and soft texture of the fabric slips easily from the hanger; The velvet hanger dealers in coimbatore prevents the fabric from slipping with dents on either side of it. Felt hangers and flock hangers are designed the same way.

Upholstered hangers:

Upholstered hangers come with soft satin tin pads on the hangers. Soft pads prevent clothing from folding and wrinkle. Clothing with creases is irritating, and even on some serious situations, it negates the whole state of mind. Upholstered hangers take on the role of protecting clothing from creases.

Cedar hangers:

Cedar hangers are scented hangers that absorb odors from clothing and keep clothes fresh. Cedar hangers are similar to wooden hangers but fragrant. Wet clothing when hung on hangers for a long time, and it can be removed with the use of cedar hangers.

Small hangers:

Small hangers allow small clothes to hang on it. Toddler clothing stretches and loses elasticity when hung on normal-sized hangers. Small hangers prevent spoilage of clothing.

Fancy hangers:

Fancy hangers are the ones that have some extra features. Beaded, painted, ribbon wrapped, etc. Fancy hangers will add a little beauty to where they are hung. It is often not purposeful but can be for decorating clothes.

Space saving hangers:

Space saving hanger manufacturers in coimbatore are designed with the idea of ​​hanging more clothes using a single hanger. A single hanging loop structure has more than one horizontal lining with shoulder-like. Each horizontal lining is capable of hanging from the cloth. This significantly saves space on the wardrobe.

Pleasure hangers:

Joy hangers are simple plastic hangers designed with a feature that prevents clothes from slipping. Pleasure hanger suppliers in chennai felt and satisfies the use of velvet hangers. The soft wear hanging on the plastic hangers is slippery, but the fun hangers prevent it from slipping.

Non-slip hangers:

Non-non-slip hangers are similar to those plastic hangers, but the surface is a bit coarse which prevents clothes from slipping easily. Thin-striped sleeveless garments are more likely to fall off and the use of non-slip hangers can prevent them from falling off.

Heavy Duty Hangers:

Heavy duty hangers are those used to hang heavy clothing, say, coats and jackets, wet and heavy clothing. Fire work jackets and other leather jackets weigh heavily, and heavy duty hangers are strong enough to hold them.

Slim hangers:

Slim hangers are similar to those plastic hangers, but slim is also flat and slim. It is suitable for hard clothes, while other hangers can spoil the shape, slim hangers keep shape. To know more about hanger dealers in tirupur, click here.