Where to buy hangers in bulk

Where to buy hangers in bulk


Hangers for clothes prevent wrinkles, keep clothes in good condition, and keep your closet organized. The kind of clothes you’re hanging and the space you have will determine which hanger is best for you, but quality should always come first.”

Don’t cut corners here because you typically only need to buy hangers once in your lifetime—they never need to be replaced,” advises Jane Stoller, author of Decluttering for Dummies and founder of Organized Jane.

To assist you with putting resources into the right holders, we explored the most ideal ones that anyone could hope to find, assessing quality, capability, and adaptability.

Our hangers

Your clothes will remain undamaged and neat in your closet with the help of a quality hanger. We recommend our hangers as the best and most durable general-purpose hanger for most wardrobes after testing dozens of hangers with a variety of clothing for more than seven months. However, depending on your wardrobe, budget, and available space, we also suggest seven additional hangers.

It stands out from the other models we looked at thanks to its sturdy construction, vertical hooks for chain-linking hangers, and consistently smooth edge finishing. The top-rated all-purpose wooden hanger we recommend comes in a variety of styles: It is sturdy enough to hold heavier winter coats and even suits, as well as delicate strap items.

Wooden hangers Vs Felt hangers

Wooden hangers

Customers whose primary concerns are quality and aesthetics favor wooden hangers. Very long-lasting; it will not deteriorate or warp unless it is subjected to a lot of weight or water. They are good for keeping heavier items like coats in them.

More appealing to the eye than wire and plastic hangers. Typically, wood hangers are made of hardwood, like lotus.

Walnut and maple are two options at a higher price point. Numerous wood holders incorporate a turn instead of a decent snare, which permits you to move the holder to change the place of your dress.

Felted trouser bar hanger

The slim design, neat appearance, and non-slip functionality of felt hangers make them popular.

Features of Felt hangers

Unlike plastic or wire hangers, a set of felt hangers that are all black gives your closet an updated, uniform aesthetic.

A non-slip velour covering the felt hangers provides excellent grip and prevents slippage.

Because of their slim profile, felt hangers make your closet appear larger and provide you with more storage space.

What you should consider upon felt hangers?

While they hold up well in a storage room, felt holders snap whenever stepped on or took care of generally.

Because felt hangers retain odors from clothing, it is essential to ensure that garments are free of odors like smoke and sweat prior to hanging to prevent the transfer of odors.

Frequently too slim to even consider holding up weighty overcoats, sports covers, and coats. For heavier pieces of clothing, purchase a set explicitly intended for strength.

Swivel hooks are typically not included in low-range felt hanger sets. Swivel hooks are not only more convenient because they allow you to rotate your clothing, but they also tend to be more durable.

Wooden Jacket hanger

A wooden jacket hanger is made to store expensive garments whose shape you wouldn’t trust to a non-contoured wooden hanger. Because some suits and coats require extra care. The wide shoulder yoke holds even the heaviest garments in place without creasing or dimpling.

Swivel hangers

When you choose a cloth hanger with a swivel head, you can simply push it into your closet without worrying about which way it is turned. This saves you from having to try to put your hanger back in the right direction.

As it is pressed against the closet bar, the head will turn so that it faces the correct direction for hanging. Children will not have to worry about the direction of the hanger and can complete the task independently, making it especially simple for them to hang their own clothes.


The most common kind of plastic clothes hangers that can be purchased are tubular ones, which can be found in a lot of places and stores. Individuals love utilizing them since they are moderately reasonable and can by and large hold any attire thing without bowing.

Unfortunately, they will lose their shape over time, causing damage to their clothing. It’s additionally vital to keep an eye out that the things you have hung up don’t get unusual wrinkles or knocks along the shoulders

Pant hanger

With a rod clothes hanger, getting your pants out of the closet in the morning will be a breeze. You won’t have to worry about removing the entire clothes hanger because you can simply slide your pants off the road in front of you. Additionally, this makes it simple to hang your clothes.

Coat Hangers

On standard clothes hangers, it used to be difficult to hang a suit coat, but if you buy ones with wide shoulders, you won’t have to worry about it slipping and falling.

While other hangers allow the shoulders to fall in and produce an extremely unflattering appearance, these hangers do an excellent job of maintaining the shape of your suit coat.

These hangers are useful if you need the extra width for your suit coat, but they won’t work well for hanging regular items.

Skirt hangers

If you have the right hanger, hanging up your skirt and keeping it in good shape need not be difficult. For the skirt to be hung, look for one with clips and check to see if they can be adjusted to slide together or apart. You won’t have any trouble hanging skirts of any size thanks to this.

This is the only type of hanger that will actually work and prevent your closet from becoming overly stuffed with bulky items because skirts will fall off of other hangers.

You can minimize the bumps that hangers leave on your clothes if you use the right kind of hanger for them. Turning your clothes inside out before hanging them on the hanger is another trick you can try. Any bumps will be less noticeable if you turn in the right direction.

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