Hangers and its marketing usage

Hanger and it types:

Hangers are the sharp pieces of wood, plastic, or metal with a hook at the top, from which clothes may be hang in order to keep them in safe. Albert J. Parkhouse invented hangers in 1903. However today used hanger, the shoulder-shaped wire hanger, was inspired by a coat hook that was invented in 1869 by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut.Hangers Plays a major in our day to day life.Hanger dealers play a major role in distributing the hangers to major cities.

Subsequently, we always need a hanger to stock up on laundry storage and organizers to keep our clothes and accessories neatly arranged. Hangers help us to organize our clothes .The clothes acts as a shield in protecting our body. Well organized clothes can be done only by hangers. Wardrobe provides space for hanging clothes using wooden hangers, plastic hangers, and metal hangers.

Hanger-its different  types and marketing usage- Hangrover

Usage of hanger:

Moreover, these hangers are purchased and used by the people the entire world. Even, hangers help us to protect our clothes from moisture. Hangers are available in different various based on the customer’s requirements.  Simultaneously, these hangers are manufactured by various industries and they are purchased by wholesale hanger dealers across the world. Hangers are available in cheap and best prices.

Consequently,the hangers are used in shopping malls, retail stores, and garments for organizing clothes. In essence, hangers not only helps in helps in organizing clothes but also makes our clothes wrinkle –free. Obviously, hanger dealers are available all over the cities. Hence, hangers are mainly manufactured and sold by manufactures and dealers in Tirupur. The next major city is Karur, which plays a major role in textile factories, garments etc.  The next comes Coimbatore which has huge malls, retail shops and exporters of several clothes.

How Hangers are made

Hangers for displaying garments are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. The Standard adult hangers are usually comes around 17 inches wide, while children’s hangers are only 12 to 14 inches wide. Specialty hangers for pants and skirts are available in 14 inches. Economical plastic, durable metal and classic wood hangers may all be suitable to use in your retail environment. Nowadays, the hangers are purchased by dealers all over the world.

Types of hangers

The major categories of hangers are: Wooden hangers, garment hangers, plastic hangers, and cloth hangers. The sub categories are: coat, scarf, poly bag, tie, belt, footwear, pouch and pouch display, matt, frock, curtain, lingerie and handle hangers.

Wooden hangers:

Hanger-its different  types and marketing usage- Hangrover

However,wood radiates the insight of quality, elegance and gives the user a warm, comfort, at-home feeling. Hangers are available in a variety of styles and finishes by the experts. Hangers made up of using wood expose that you have value for the clothes’ quality. They give the classiness look on your clothes after organizing it in your closet.

For instance, if you need to hang your shirts, wood is the best choice to keep the collar of the shirt and keep it intact. The Hanger is Lightweight but also incredibly strong by the natural hardwood. Its engraved non-slip notches increase the functionality. It also helps them to preserve an elegant structure or shape. The robustness is particularly important for heavier garments, like winter coats, suits, and jackets

Garment hangers:

Garment hangers are of types: Wood and plastic. This hanger helps in organizing garments. The soft, plush padding is intended to protect garments from shoulder dents that wire hangers may make. Recycling and reprocessing of plastics in the crafting is possible. We deals with different plastic hangers styles including padded, nonslip, laminated, multipurpose, personalized, designer, luxury, economy and premium hangers.

Plastic hangers:

For instance,plastic clothes hangers are resistant to mold. The plastic top hanger has a great impact to showcase the peculiarity of the garment. Nowadays plastic hangers have become elegant, refined, colorful unique and exclusive. These hangers provides great support for standard clothing items, like t-shirts, blouses, dresses, various lingerie items, and more. 

Coat hangers:

Moreover,the coat hangers are used for hanging coats. The hangers are available for different sizes. It is 17″ heavy extra wide shoulder hanger. The main feature includes a stylish surface with robust plastic frame and Rust free. It suits for Heavy coats and lehengas. The robustness is particularly important for heavier garments, like winter coats and jackets. 

Poly bag hanger:

Meanwhile,poly bag hangers are used in mall retails shops for displaying garment. It is not so expensive compared to all types of hangers. It has a good life span and easy to carry. It’s time to improve your wardrobe. Give a relishing touch of elegance to your clothes and enjoy the Poly bag hangers. The plastic hangers are made up of eco-friendly plastics. Its thickness is up to 15 mm.

Wire hanger:

Hanger-its different  types and marketing usage- Hangrover

though,metal hangers also vary a great deal in terms of quality. Heavier metal hangers won’t bend or sag .It is good option for stores with a more upscale, contemporary look. Because wire can rust, some wire clothing hangers are coated with a colored vinyl in order to protect the fabric.

Tie hanger:

 The hangers provide a stylish backdrop, well-organized for both home and shop. We have both plastic and wooden tie hangers which have variety of styles. The wooden hanger has a capacity to hold multiple numbers of ties. It comes with more efficient space. The selection of hangers for tie is manufactured and assigning with latest machines and technologies. 

Scarf hanger:

It is easy to make attractive showroom displays for your store’s entire scarf. The plastic scarf hangers are provided in variety of shapes, designs, colors and sizes. The scarf hangers are widely used in malls, showrooms, garment stores and retail outlets.

Foot wear hanger:

The footwear hangers for Infant and Children’s shoes, Men and Women’s Boots, Flip Flops, Sandals, Closed Toe Shoes, and more.  It is a space-saving hanger for your retail shop. The footwear hangers are set up by modish technology and best grade materials. The footwear hangers are extremely sturdy, durable and are easy to use as well as maintain.

Pouch and pouch display hangers
Hanger-its different  types and marketing usage- Hangrover

These hangers are easy to mount, durable, lightweight, unbreakable, portable and non-corrosive. These hangers are used for designing your house infrastructure by using optimum grade materials at its best quality. The Matt hanger is simple in structure and easy to carry, Highly durable, Different shapes and thickness, Different shades are available, Open metal hook and clips are available.

 Curtain hangers

The screen hanger collection makes your wardrobe neat and organized. The hanger or hook is mainly used in the shower case and in the dining areas. It is crafted in-house with lots of love and care. It is made using chrome for long lasting shine and rust resistance. The highest quality hooks, stone to give amazing shine and a touch of color to your stylish interior. The metal hook preparation is highly advanced and it holds heavier curtains. One set consists of 12 curtain hooks. The hanger’s slim and sleek design allows you to maximize space in your closet while keeping your clothes secure when being stored.

Lingerie hanger

The types of hangers include satin lingerie hanger and plastic hanger. The satin hanger comes with a beautiful bow attached to hook. People mostly prefer satin lingerie hangers. For the protection of fine garments, most of them prefer satin padded hangers. It is an excellent choice as our consideration. It looks smart and contemporary. These plastic hangers have a couple of clips and hooks. The crafting wooden hanger for lingerie contains soft touch on the outer layer to avoid cracks and creases on the dress. 

Handle hanger

The handle hangers are used in stores, boutiques, showrooms, home, malls, mobile shops, etc. We hanger dealers offer variety of hangers for people .we act as a whole dealers in major cities like Tirupur, Karur, Coimbatore.

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