All varieties of clothes hangers in one place

All varieties of clothes hangers in one place | Hanger Dealers

In this blog, we have discussed briefly about the different varieties of hangers available in one place which can be purchased easily.

All varieties of clothes hangers in one place | Hanger Dealers

Chiefly, clothes hangers was created as space-saving hooks in the year 1869 by New Britain’s O.A. North. Before it’s mass production during industrial revolution, only rich nobles and royal used varieties of hangers because they had more clothes to hang, particularly their large Victorian dresses resembles the flying birds. The most popular varieties of hangers during those times were aptly name Eagle winged hangers.

Though not much has changed since its invention, clothes hangers have been used in many different ways since then. People are also willing to pay hundreds of rupees for antique hangers.

Varieties of clothes hangers:

Choosing the right hanger can give your closet a neat appearance. There is a huge array of cloth hangers which are made up of different varieties of materials such as wood, wire and plastic.

Wire hangers:

The problem with wire hangers is that they tends to vary widely in their quality. If you picked up dry cleaning before, then you can probably get thin wire hangers with your clothes. The cleaners use these because they can easily buy them in packs without spending huge on hangers that they are going to better way to their customers.

Moreover, these wire hangers lasts for short time, they will not hold their shape for a very long period of time. These wire hangers also gets rust as this will instantly damage your clothing. Because of this problem, it was very popular among the people to use yarn or plastic material to cover their wire hangers and to help protect their clothing.

Metal hangers:

 In addition, the metal hangers are not going to have a lot of the problems compared to thinner wire hangers. These hangers are generally made up of iron, although you can find some of them are made of copper. These wires are not going to bend and since they are thicker than wire hangers are, you won’t have unsightly bulges and creases in your clothing when you use them for storage for an extended period of time.

Consequently, these hangers won’t get rust when they get wet. They are very heavy-duty and are made to last for an extended period of time without any problems. Because of their strength, they are ideal for hanging very heavy winter coats as they will not buckle or bend under the increase in weight the way that less expensive or weaker hangers will tend to do.

Velvet hangers:

Velvet hangers provides friction to the clothing items so that they do not slip off from the hangers when they are hung up in the closet. They also usually have small hollows on the arms that will allow them to hold up strappy dresses without them falling to the floor. When you use velvet hangers, you want to be very careful that your strappy clothes are completely dry as wet clothing will cause the colour of the velvet to actually transfer to the item that you have hung up. Hanger dealers suggest you for different varieties of hangers available in the market.

Wooden hangers:

Wooden hangers are available in different varieties, styles and features. They are made up good quality wood so that the clothes rests compactly in the hangers. Automatically, they look nicer than other varieties of hangers and will instantly help you to improve the overall appearance of your clothing and your wardrobe.

They are often wider than other varieties of hangers, which helps to more evenly distribute the weight of the item that is hanging up, preventing the clothing from becoming stretched out of shape. Because they are so durable, you can’t replace your wooden hangers, hence you can save lot of money.

Your clothing will not stretch out when you opt for wooden hangers, which will keep it lasting longer and looking its best. This is more important for people who wish to hang t-shirts, as plastic and wire hangers will instantly stretch out the collars.

Plastic hangers:

There are a few reasons why people opt to use plastic hangers in their closets even though the hangers do not instantly update the wardrobe’s appearance the way that wood hangers do. It’s not nearly as expensive to buy a lot of plastic hangers and since they are available in so many styles and sizes, you can easily find perfect ones to meet your needs.

If your plastic hangers get dirty, they are very easy to wipe off with a damp cloth and you never have to worry about the hanger rusting or growing mould or mildew. Unfortunately, plastic hangers are not as long-lasting as other types of hangers are and when they break, there isn’t any way to recycle them so they do take up space in the landfill.

They will tend to bend and buckle over time, which means that you have to replace them on a regular basis to keep your clothing looking its best. Unfortunately, if you do not keep an eye on the condition of your plastic hangers, then you may not realize that they are deforming and your clothing can suffer because of it.


Cloth hangers are designed in such a way keeping the clothes wrinkle-free. The shoulder-like shapes helps in hanging the clothes and retaining the original shape of it. While wardrobes prevent clothes from dust, hangers safeguards from getting creases.

The right varieties of hangers help you to hang your clothes up so that they will protect the clothing from damages, rust etc. Many people opt to go with good quality hangers due to the fact that they are affordability, varieties of styles and due to the fact that they will not get rust.

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