Top Hanger Dealers in Tirupur

How Hangers are made?

Hangrover is one of the top hanger dealers in Tirupur. Firstly the raw material is selected. It is cut as planks uniformly. Then they place hanger shaped templates on top surface and follow trace line. It is followed by jig saw. It is now shaped into half hanger. This half hanger is called ‘lamella’. Strong glue is used to attach these two lamellas. Then it is made to dry for whole day. When two lamellas are glued then the top will be triangular. Then it will be sawed because from the centre the hook should be fixed. The brand can be labelled and then hook is fixed. For manufacturing metal cloth hangers huge coils of wire rod is used. It is then cleansed with chemicals. Not harmful chemicals are used. And it will thin down to the gauge we need. Gauge refers to the toughness. If the gauge size is long it is then thin. If gauge size is little then the metal strength is high. It will be cut and electrode position paint is sprayed. It is completely eco-friendly. Then it is packaged and delivered.

Plastic hangers


Plastic hangers are made by melting plastic modules. Injection moulding machine melt plastic granules and then they are injected into mould. Injection moulding machine has mould clamping cylinder, tie bar, moving platern, mould tool,   fixed platern, barrel, screw, plastic granules, hopper, drive unit, injection cylinder and also it has heater bands which heats molten plastic. It is a shoulder shaped wire hanger. Hanger was first invented by O.A.North of New Britain in 1869.Albert Parkhouse is also credited for this invention. This is used to hang clothes without having wrinkles on it. Hangers are manufactured and it can be sold. It is done as small scale industries and also can be manufactured in large quantity. The hangers can be made up of wooden, plastics, steel. Hanger dealers in Tirupur say there are several ways to use hanger in different ways. Hangers can also be used as decorative thing with washi tapes. Hangers can also be used not only for clothes also to hang few magazines and newspapers. It is also used for paper towels. See you can just bend steel and make it hanger for little things in your kit and even you may hang fruits like banana or grapes. These are some of the uses of hangers for curious readers.

Ugh! Some will be bored if hangers are used only for clothes, magazines. Hanger dealers in Tirupur say hangers can also be bent and used as stand for cell phone, e-tablets. You have less space for keeping stand for sandals; you may use hangers to keep sandals organised. Folks! Do you know hook less hangers are now used. In hook less hangers strong magnets are used. Hanger dealers in Tirupur says that hook less hangers are used to have a clean and modern look of wardrobe nowadays this type of hangers used. It uses metal strips. And also the clothes can be slide over the strip.


Hanger dealers in Karur say small modifications can be done to make our lives easier. A plastic hanger cannot tolerate heavy clothes. So that is why wooden hangers came in. The wooden hangers are more durable. Wooden hangers give long life for your clothes. Hanger dealers in Karur say the rigid wood keeps your clothes stiff and prevents from slanging. If you look for wooden hangers with good work finish like no small edges of woods protruding Hanger dealers in Karur helps you for getting the best wooden hangers.

Plastic hangers are also used to replace wire hangers. When compared to wire hangers these plastic hangers are durable. Plastic is flexible and hence the plastics can be bent, attached and multi armed cloth hanger can be manufactured. Hanger manufactures in Tirupur does this innovative plastic hanger. Nowadays the hangers are not only in conventional design but with different crafts. You may see new designs in hanger like a finger pointing and like horns of animal as design for hangers. Such hangers are very decorative in the space in you room. Hanger manufactures in Tirupur produces plastics hanger with precise design, light weight.

Steel hanger


Steel hangers can be used. Even wooden and plastic hangers have steel hooks attached to the top of it. For easy sliding of the hangers on the rack it can be used. Also it replaces wire hangers. But it is not comfortable when the clothes sling and the clothes go to the corner of the steel hanger. If you look for as leek hangers and if you think wood may have some protrusions then you may buy steel hangers. Hanger manufactures in Tirupur supplies these steel hangers. Ceiling cloth hangers, clothes drying floor stand and wall mounted hangers are trending cloth hangers now. The hangers are also used for tie. Also as usual steel, plastic and wood are used to keep your tie hanging. Only for men; no also women’s accessories can be hung on it. Right from necklace, earrings, bangles and hair bands can be hung. You also use small type of hangers with little hooks to hang keys. When small magnets are attached within the wooden plank without hooks you may hang the keys and other metal things.

Also we also find some types of hangers which are different from conventional types of hangers. They are ceiling hangers and they are attached to the ceiling and the clothes can be dried upon. Now people always look for eco-friendly, reusable products. Also it works for in case of hangers also. Hanger manufacturer in Tirupur introduces recycled fibre board hangers. It contains 100% reusable fibre content. It is long lasting. It is moisture resistant and also customizable. Also it is fully brand able. It can hold more garments than the other type as hangers. Ultimate strength is ensured in this reusable fibre board hanger.

Recycled paper is also used to make hangers with steel hooks attached to it. Also use cellulose based hangers contain mixture of fibres, paper and also cotton. The fibre used is FSC certified. When plastic is reused and reused then the quality of the plastic degrades. When clothes are hung on it then sometimes the clothes may be stained. Hangers made up of bamboo are also used. They are light weight only by which it can be distinguished from wooden hangers. Since it is bio degradable the quality may degrade over time and cannot be used further. And also it is more expensive when compared to other materials.

Satin padded hangers

Satin padded hangers are used. You can easily find out satin padded hangers in wich only the shoulder portions are padded and not the hook portion. It is used to protect clothes from any stains, slip. It is multi coloured. But only lightweight clothes can be hung over it. Because the bulge shaped shoulder portion cannot hold heavy blazers. The bulge portions appear because they are padded with satin around. In satin hangers you may also add colourful prints. Usually some anti slip hangers are used in which a glue is applied as dots on the hangers. And when the glue is dried the clothes are hung on it. It will prevent the clothes from slipping. These are few simple innovative things made for our convenience rather than searching for anti-slip hangers.

Velvet hangers are also used. Actually the velvet hangers keep the top portion of the sleeve stuck to the velvet hanger. When some other types of hangers like plastic or wire are used then when you hang light children wears, it will slip down before you take it into the wardrobe. But velvet strings avoid it. But people may worry whether velvet hangers leave any stains but actually not. Even if you use velvet hangers and other kind of hangers to hang clothes and keep them assorted inside wardrobe you will actually see the difference. Like the clothes hung on velvet hangers will be neat because clothes are stuck to velvet. hanger dealers in karur- But the dresses hung on different material will be messy. And also many dresses can be compressed using velvet hangers.

Do you know about static cling?

Static cling happens when objects stick together due to electrostatic force. It commonly happens very naturally in our day to day life. When you comb your hair with plastic or wooden comb a friction is created. Hanger manufacturers in tirupur Sometimes the clothes stick to each other because of this effect. To get rid of this effect wired hangers are used. It is rubbed over the clothes after clothes are dried.


Hangers are widely used to prevent clothes from shrinks. Also when the clothes are folded the folding line is obvious. But when clothes are hung they are immediate use for one. Your costly Blazers, Long Gowns, of course Indian ethnic wears like long chudidar,  silk sarees can be neatly hung with these hangers. Also they are used for neat display in many of the shopping malls which gives elegance look and the clothes will be in good condition without any crease marks. Hangers are also can be used for various items other than clothes as we discussed above.For more details, click here

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